Our Process

At First Choice Home Care and Living Solutions, our intake process simple:


Our First Phone Call and Needs Assessment

We will begin by evaluating you and your loved one’s needs the moment you call. We ask questions during the initial call to develop a basic needs assessment.

Once we have completed the call, we will schedule an in-home visit with you and your family, including the family member who may benefit from our in-home care services.

The first visit allows us to obtain further information, answer questions, and explain how we can assist you.


The Custom Care Plan

At First Choice we want to always make sure that our clients are fully aware of the services they will be receiving. Following our initial intake meeting, we will then work on creating a Custom Care Plan for our client.

This plan is customized to meet the unique needs of a family’s loved one. Our Caregivers will confirm your specific recommendations about the types of services you think would be the best for your loved one’s personal care needs.

Next, we schedule a follow-up meeting to go through the Custom Care Plan and make changes as needed.


Caregiver Match Begins

Once the Custom Care Plan has been approved and reviewed, we begin the process of staffing the best-qualified Caregiver to provide care.

Many aspects are taken into consideration when matching our Caregiver staff to clients,including the services required, your loved one’s interests, and the personality of both a family’s loved one and the Caregiver.

Because we look at the whole situation, we’re better able to make sure your loved one gets the best care possible.


Caregiver Arrives to Home

Upon arrival the Caregiver will have your care plan, sit down with the client to confirm their needs, and immediately begin to provide personal care services on the first day. As Caregivers and clients form a genuine bond, they’ll feel more comfortable asking each other for help and having honest communication.


First Choice Ongoing Support

Our Director of Support Services will follow up with you on an ongoing basis to ensure your satisfaction. Open communication with our staff is strongly encouraged. We will remain available for your questions and your Caregivers will be monitored and managed regularly.Our goal is to exceed the expectations of each of our clients.

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